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Emergency Food Pantry

food pantry committee of ASMT
During the grand opening ASMT
members Katey Sutton, Kylie Godfrey,
and Caleb Ygnatowiz were on hand to offer
visitors tours of the new Montana Tech Food Pantry.

It can be unsettling to think that a student sitting in a college classroom is doing so on an empty stomach – not because they chose to skip breakfast or lunch, but because they simply do not have enough food to eat. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many college students, even those at Montana Technological University.

A year ago, in the spring of 2020, the Associated Students of Montana Tech (ASMT) conducted a poll, and results showed that 40% of Montana Tech students have some sort of food insecurity. In true Oredigger spirit, ASMT decided to do what they could to change that.

bags of food available to studentsSupported by Chancellor Les Cook and his wife Stephanie Cook as well as other campus leaders, the students formed a committee and started outreach to make the Montana Tech Food Pantry a reality.

In September, ASMT hosted a fundraising project during DayOne - Montana Tech's Giving Day.  Thanks to individual donors and a generous matching gift provided by a Montana Tech alumnus over $6,000 was raised for the Montana Tech Food Pantry. They also made connections and worked with local churches and businesses collecting physical donations for the Montana Tech Food Pantry.

personal care items at the food pantryThe

Soon after DayOne, they identified space on campus and worked to acquire and install the needed infrastructure including shelving and a refrigerator.

Montana Tech Food Pantry

started serving students in November 2020 and this week on Monday, March 1st, ASMT hosted a grand opening event, to let the local and campus community see their hard work in action.

Centrally located on campus on the first floor of the Student Union Building, the Montana Tech Food Pantry is offering students items including granola bars, oatmeal, rice, instant mashed potatoes, noodles, pasta sauce, and more.

Carrie Vath
"I am so proud that the Associated
Students of Montana Tech have
championed this endeavor.
The Montana Tech Food Pantry
will help our students that are
food insecure. ASMT is in the
process of considering
expanding the food pantry to
the south campus and I
think this is a great idea
that will provide more
students with access to food."
Dr. Carrie Vath
Former Dean of Students
Caleb Ygnatowiz
"ASMT worked diligently by
establishing a committee to turn the
idea of a food pantry into a reality.
After receiving support from many
generous donors and establishing
a location on campus, we
look forward to helping students
in need for many years to come!"
Caleb Ygnatowiz
Montana Tech food pantry
student co-chair

The Montana Tech Food Pantry also features a selection of hygiene and household cleaning items that are available to students.

Operating on the honor system, any student who needs food, hygiene, or cleaning items can pick up two bags per week.

The Associated Students of Montana Tech are committed to making the Montana Tech Food Pantry a permanent service for future generations of Orediggers. If you are interested in helping and investing in the growth of the Montana Tech Food Pantry, please click below.