Meet Kaleb Ferriter

Learning the science to help his hometown while sacrificing for his country.

Kaleb Ferriter

Hometown: Butte, MT

Age: 22

Major: Senior Mechanical Engineering

Why did you choose to attend Montana Tech?  

I chose Montana Tech because of the awesome reputation and I have had family that attended and really liked it.

What stood out about Montana Tech to me was the opportunity to study engineering at a prestigious school and stay in my hometown.

I was drawn to engineering because of science and math. I always thought science class was super interesting growing up so I decided I should study something that interested me.

Can you share your experience with the pivot to remote instruction this past spring vs. face to face instruction this fall?

covid testingTransitioning to remote instruction in Spring 2020 was very difficult. I had never taken a class online before so there was a lot of adjustment that I needed to make. I had to make sure to really stay focused while I was at home all day taking classes.

Switching back to face to face instruction in Fall 2020 was a relief. It is a lot easier to focus and not get distracted when you are on campus. Learning in person is much easier and it is easier to interact with the professor if you have questions or need clarification for anything. 

In addition to a full time student you are a member of the Air National Guard, tell us a little about your experience?

I think being able to be a full-time student while also getting to serve this state and country has been a great experience.

At times it can be difficult when I have to miss several weeks of class or a whole semester, but it always motivates me to work harder. I have met so many awesome people and have learned so much. Overall it has been a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

This summer you had an internship with Pioneer Technical Services in Butte. Can you share some highlights?

Kaleb with friendsGrowing up in Butte I heard the "dirty water" chant all the time.

It has been super interesting working on the treatment facility that treats all of the ground and surface water in Butte.

My internship with Pioneer Technical Services gave me the chance to learn how much is done to make sure that all of the water is clean and safely returned to Silver-Bow Creek.

How do you enjoy spending your time outside of class?

I love to go hiking, hunting, fishing, skiing, floating and just about any other outdoor activity that we get to do in this awesome state.

There are so many activities to do year round that it is hard to have nothing to do.

If you could share one piece of advice with incoming students what would it be?

Be ready to work really hard but also make sure to enjoy all of the fun things that go along with college.

You will have the best times of your life!


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