Meet Korey Krumm '15

During her time at Montana Tech, Anaconda native, Korey Krumm excelled in the classroom and on the court. 

Coach Korey KrummWhile playing middle blocker for Oredigger Volleyball and pursuing a degree in Nursing, she was named Frontier Conference First Team three times and was a 2014 All America Honorable Mention. She was second in the Frontier Conference and sixth nationally in hitting percentage (.375) and led the team in kills with 245 during her senior year. During her career, Korey tallied 1,017 kills and sits in the Oredigger all-time top ten for kills in a single match with 25 in 2012. Krumm earned the 2015 Peggy Sarsfield Award, which is given to the top female student-athlete each year.

Korey Krumm at commencement
"I had Korey Krumm as a student.
The one thing I remember about Korey
was her positive and upbeat attitude
and her high energy. You would not
know how hard she worked as an athlete
on top of the demands of nursing
school because heard her complain or
make excuses. She did well in her classes
and was always fun to be
around. I knew she would be a great
nurse because she was kind and
compassionate when you see her
deal with patients in the clinical
Miriam Young
Nursing Associate Professor
Montana Technological University

Krumm earned her ASN in Nursing in 2014 and followed in 2015 earning her BSN and currently works for Community Hospital of Anaconda.

In August 2020, Krumm was named head volleyball coach for the Anaconda Copperheads. We were able to catch up with her and ask her about her new role coaching and balancing it with her nursing career.

What moved you to get into coaching high school volleyball?

I actually never saw myself as a coach because I didn’t think it would compare to playing. It’s obviously different than playing but I genuinely enjoy it. It allows me to be competitive and my knees don’t hurt.

I was originally approached to coach club volleyball. I coached a really talented and hardworking group of young women, so when the opportunity presented itself to become their high school coach I couldn’t turn it down.

How does it feel coaching at your Alma Mater?

Coaching at my Alma Mater is really special for me. I grew up with so much pride coming from Anaconda. I have nothing but positive memories playing in the Snake Pit in front of a home crowd. This town is really supportive and it’s fun to experience that again.

You are still committed to your day job as a nurse, what are the challenges in doing both?

Korey Krumm on the court

It can be very challenging juggling working as a nurse and coaching volleyball. The Community Hospital of Anaconda has been nothing but supportive of my decision to coach, I could not have done it without their blessing. I really have to commend the girls for being flexible when it comes to my work schedule, sometimes we don’t start practice until 7:30 pm because that’s when my shift at the hospital ends. There have been times when I’ve coached until 9:00 pm then worked a night shift at the hospital. Both jobs are important to me so I make it work.

You have had many coaches over the years, what have you learned from those coaches that you are teaching the Copperheads?

I think my coaching style reflects a bit of everyone who has coached me. The biggest belief as a coach I have taken away is to teach the fundamentals and that to succeed time must be spent in the off-season.  I was fortunate to be coached by Montana Tech’s current volleyball coach, Brian Solomon. He and I put in so much extra time in the summer working on my footwork and fundamentals. It seems like life has come full circle because I’ve been going to Tech once a week to work with Brian’s hitters. It brings back a lot of fond memories from my time in Butte.

Korey playing for the Orediggers
"As a student, athlete, and alum - Korey is a fantastic
of Montana Tech. What she exhibits on the court are the
same characteristics that made her a terrific student,
and now a nurse and coach. she always found ways to
improve, had incredible attention to detail, and was
one of the most competitive people I have ever
worked with. Korey is an incredibly bold leader
that we were very fortunate to have as an Oredigger.
"Brian Solomon,
Head Volleyball Coach,
Montana Technological University

What are you determined to do?

The Anaconda High School volleyball program had a fantastic season. We were undefeated in regular season play, won Districts for the first time going undefeated, won Divisionals for the first time in Class B going undefeated, and competed at the State tournament. I had a very talented group of women to work with. We’re excited to do it again next season.

I’m determined to change the culture in this area. For a long time, this area has been focused mainly on basketball and volleyball has been a supplemental sport. I believe volleyball can transition to be a main focus. I’m willing to put the time into the younger generations in Anaconda to start feeder programs that will allow higher levels of play once these girls get to high school. I have a club program in Anaconda that’s done really well this year. We have over sixty girls and eight teams. We’re teaching the fundamentals at an early age so that when they get to middle school and high school they know the fundamentals and we can focus on other things. It’s an exciting thing to be a part of.

Coach Krumm's team, Anaconda Copperhead volleyball