Meet Maria Ralph

Graduate Fall 2021
Bachelor of Applied Science in Business, Construction Management

maria ralphMaria is a non-traditional student who calls Butte home. Several years ago, she started her own business—a co-working space—which happened to be right next to the local offices for Habitat for Humanity.

She started to volunteer with the organization and was quickly struck with the overwhelming feeling that this was what she was supposed to be doing.

Two years later, her youngest son finished his trade program at Highlands College.

Witnessing her son's time in the program inspired Maria to pursue her love of building and construction by attending the carpentry program at Highlands College, where she received her associate’s degree in 2019. She decided to continue her education and has earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Business, Construction Management from Montana Technological University.

According to Maria, "I've realized that going out of my comfort zone is where the opportunities wait and the strong connections are found.

Maria Ralph at Techxpo"Going back to school at 48 was not easy but it had a fantastic payoff. I have found lifelong friends and mentors that have helped me along the way.

"I am grateful beyond words, and I thank God for the strength and courage He gave me to step off the path to go on this journey. Montana Tech/Highlands College has been a proving ground and a happy place for the last four years."

Maria loves her tight-knit Butte community, its history, and architecture and she has recently started a small home repair business with all the confidence and skill instilled by her education at Montana Tech.

Maria shared a Marianne Williamson quote that speaks to her and her life experience, "It is not too late. You are not too old. You are right on time. And you are better than you know.”