Meet McKenna Savage

Happy National Engineers Week! As part of the weekly celebration, today is Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. With that in mind, we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to introduce you to one of our graduating seniors.

meet McKenna Savage, electrical engineering

Hometown: Butte, MT

Age: 21

Major: Senior Electrical Engineering

Why did you choose to attend Montana Technological University?

I chose Montana Tech because I loved the idea of smaller class sizes and more hands-on learning. The smaller class sizes allowed me to have a personal connection with my professors where they knew who I was rather than just being a number. In addition, Tech provides an endless amount of possibilities to learn by having multiple labs on campus, research opportunities, and clubs that have a wide range of interests.

What Montana Tech professor has had the most impact on you?

Dr. Matt Donnelly has had the most impact on me because after COVID hit, my internship was canceled. He put me into contact with Brian Smyth at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories to see if there was an internship position available. From Dr. Donnelly’s concern, I was able to have an internship over the summer with SEL. This shows how engaged our faculty are on campus and care about the success of their students.

McKenna and friends at Georgetown LakeHow do you enjoy spending your time outside of class?

I teach dance and enjoy time with friends. I am also involved in the Associated Students of Montana Tech, IEEE, and Society of Women Engineers.

Do you have a favorite Montana Tech memory?

My favorite Montana Tech memory so far has been re-envisioning M-Days here on campus. ASMT decided this should be a weeklong event focused on giving back to our students who make Montana Tech possible and has brought me joy seeing other students enjoy participating in this week.

kayaking at Glacier National Park

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I will be working at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) in Pullman, Washington in their engineering rotation program. After a few years, I plan on going back to school to pursue my Master of Business Administration and continue to grow in my career as an engineer at SEL

How will you stay involved with Montana Tech after graduation?

I will stay involved with Montana Tech after graduation by giving back during the DayOne event to help students the same way as donors have helped me. Scholarships have made an enormous impact because it allowed me to focus on my education and afford to pursue my bachelor’s degree.

If you could share one piece of advice with incoming students, what would it be?

Katelynn and McKenna

My piece of advice for incoming students would be to become active on campus whether it’s attending sporting events, participating in clubs, or even joining a research project. This allows you to be connected with different disciplines/majors around campus and create a community on Tech’s campus.

What is your advice for girls interested in pursuing engineering?

My advice for girls interested in pursuing engineering is to always be willing to learn and be confident in their abilities. By actively learning and being confident, this will help to find your interests and open new possibilities for you in an engineering career. Also, stay curious and ask questions about concepts you do not understand. This can lead to new perspectives and ideas as well as helping you to comprehend complex material!

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