B.A.S. Business, Construction Management option

Department of Business

Bachelor of Applied Science

Construction Management

The Construction Management Track under our Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to continue their education beyond their completed Associates of Applied Science (AAS) degree.  The BAS is designed so students can complete their bachelor’s degree in approximately two additional years, or four semesters, after they have earned their AAS.  This added investment will provide any student with additional professional career opportunities.

The Construction Management Track is specifically designed for students who have completed an AAS in Construction Technology or a related field.  These students continue to a Bachelor’s degree where they receive specific business coursework related to the construction industry.  The business training includes a general business curriculum as well as specific coursework related to estimating, construction contracts, labor issues, safety issues, information technology, and project management.  Historically, students studying under the Construction Management track have been very successful in landing industry related internships and full time professional employment. 

Students under this track will have the opportunity to work with faculty members who have a passion for teaching.  The members of the Business Department faculty bring a wealth of both academic and industry experience into the classroom and focus on learning through experience.  The Department has achieved standalone accreditation by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).

Graduates of the BIT degree are flexible and can easily move between technical, computer science and business professionals. Graduates interested in seeking an MBA are well-prepared since all the prerequisite professional courses required for admission to an MBA program are met.