Department of Business

Bachelor of Applied Science in Business

Graduates of the Business Department are flexible and can easily move between technical, computer science and business professionals. Graduates interested in seeking an MBA are well-prepared since all the prerequisite professional courses required for admission to an MBA program are met.

Students looking to continue their education past a two-year Associate of Applied Science (AAS) can join the Department of Business and Information Technology for two additional years and earn a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree.

This program is specifically designed to allow students who have earned an Associate of Applied Science in any discipline the opportunity to complement their studies with formal business training and earn a baccalaureate in business.

We allow a 54 credit block transfer that may consist of any coursework under the student’s AAS program. The student then joins the Business & Information Technology Department to complete an additional 66 credits under the BAS program. Students in the BAS program may choose a concentration in either accounting or management.

The Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Business is a more general business degree when compared to the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. Students enrolled in the BAS program will complete most of the same business coursework as our BS students, but the Bachelor of Applied Science program is unable to place the same emphasis on information technology as our Bachelor of Science program due to the fact we work with the student for two years. Graduates of the BAS program are highly successful in gaining employment or in continuing their education in a graduate program.

Students may choose from the following Bachelor of Applied Science degrees: