Management of Natural Resources Option

Business and Information Technology

Bachelor of Science

Management of Natural Resources

The natural resources industry offers many business-related career opportunities, but Montana Tech is one of the few institutions that can properly prepare students in this field.

The Management of Natural Resources Option compliments our required business and information technology core with coursework related to the petroleum and mining industries.

The program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation that will allow them to continue along any number of paths, including employment in the field of natural resources. Students will also be well prepared to continue their education into a graduate program. The Management of Natural Resources Option is also designed to provide the proper foundation for individuals looking to enter into a career as a petroleum landman or a similar position.

Montana Tech Business and Information Technology graduates also set themselves due to our strong emphasis on the understanding and use of information technology. A minimum of 15 percent of our required coursework is based in understanding information technology and directly applying it to solving issues found in the business environment.