Butte Montana

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Butte is one of Montana's most iconic cities and is known for its rich history, beautiful architecture, and some of the friendliest people you will find in the state.

A Place to Call Home

As a Montana Tech student, you’ll enjoy what this energetic destination city offers. Located amid mountains at the intersection of two major interstate highways, Butte is home to a wide range of food, recreation, culture, and fun. For example Butte has:

  • The Montana Folk Festival, the AnRiRa Irish Festival, SNöFLINGA winter festival and many other festivals to enjoy throughout the year.
  • A vibrant arts scene with many galleries, music venues and theaters in historic uptown Butte.
  • A growing economy being reinvented for the future along with affordable living and a high quality of life.
  • Historic ethnic diversity fosters a fascinating range of food options. Nearly every corner of the world as well as home cooking is represented throughout the city.
  • Hundreds of miles of trails some only minutes from campus - including the Continental Divide Trail and some of the best and most accessible mountain biking trails in Montana.
  • World-class fly-fishing just 15 minutes from campus.
  • Exceptional skiing of all kinds including Discovery Ski Area only 45 minutes away and unlimited backcountry and cross country skiing around Butte.
  • Outstanding hunting opportunitieson thousands of acres of surrounding public land.
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