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Montana Tech Alumni at 2010 PNWIS Conference in Missoula, MT

Students, Faculty and Alumni at the PNWIS Conference

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Send new information and email addresses to:
Environmental Engineering Department
Montana Tech
1300 West Park Street
Butte, MT 59701
Phone: 406-496-4115
Fax: 406-496-4650
Email: Department

Attention Alumni

We are currently recruiting members to our Advisory Board. If you are interested in being an active member on the Montana Tech Environmental Engineering Alumni Committee (MTEEAC) please send an email of interest to the Environmental Engineering Department.

Help send our Design Team to the WERC's Environmental Design Contest each year. We are looking for company sponsors to assist with travel expenditures to send our renowned Montana Tech design teams to competition in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Remember our Montana Tech design teams have placed every year since it began competing and Tech has the reputation as being the team to beat!!

Remember to give to the Environmental Engineering Scholarship Fund. Your generous donations have been truly instrumental in recruiting new students to the program and retaining top of the line students through graduation. We sincerely appreciate your continued support.

Donations can be sent to the following address:

Environmental Design Team Competition Fund or
Environmental Engineering Scholarship Fund or
Waring/James/Appleman Excellence in Environmental Engineering Scholarship
Montana Tech Foundation
1300 West Park Street
Butte, Montana 59701

Lost Alumni -- Need Information

We have lost contact with the following alumni. If you know of their whereabouts, please forward their information to the above address or contact them and have them forward their address, phone, email and business information so that we can forward newsletters and pertinent information.

Mohammed A. Alkhater
Abdulrahman A. Alshehri
Doyle D. Anderson
William P. Anderson
Jeremy Aumaugher
Mark M. Badick
Daryl Balderson
Debra A. Barto
Heather M. Bleile
Caitlin E. Brown
Younus Burhan
Carl G. Chapel
Youchung Chung
Pebbles D. Clark
Theodore J. Cochrane
Jermaine L. Coffman
Dawn M. Crouse
Joby M. Dunmire
Ibrahim A. Eid
Norman J. Fallows
Jose J. Garagorry
Gary D. Gilbert
Sean P. Gough
Thomas J. Grimm
Margie J. Gustafson
Allan B. Hansen
Ashley J. Hunt
Samantha J. Hutcheson
Lusia Indriawati
Daniel L. Jarratt
Gary M. Jones
Ketan N. Kadam
Patrick R. Lorello
Ronald L. Lowney
Sarah A. Lupton
James MacPherson
Michael B. Manz
Holly C. Mayhew
Mary J. McGarity
Donald C. McGee
Ryan D. McGee
Lance C. Miller
Kenneth E. Mullaney
Kiran K. Nagaraju
Sonia Nandi
Joan E. Norris
Narven W. Osteen
Yaw-Kong Pan
Richard M. Racine
Rance R. Rathie
Darla G. Reams
Patrick D. Reilly
Susan A. Scott
Alma Silva
Michael J. Talhami
Gee T. Tan
Terrance J. Ternes
Steven J. Turner
Joseph A. Ugorowski
Ruben J. Wallin
Walter W. Whetham
Shannon R. Wilson
Ying Xie
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