Department List

Faculty and Staff

Montana Tech Colleges and Departments

College Deans

College of Letters, Sciences and Professional Studies
Dr. Michele Hardy, Dean, 406-496-4835

Highlands College
Ms. Karen VanDaveer, Interim Dean, 406-496-4392

School of Mines and Engineering
Dr. Dan Trudnowski, Dean, 406-496-4681

Department Heads

Biological Sciences
Dr. Amy Kuenzi, 406-496-4793

Mr. Todd Tregidga, 406-496-4745

Highlands College
Ms. Linda Granger, 406-496-3724

Chemistry & Geochemistry
Dr. Katie Hailer, 406-496-4117

Civil Engineering
Dr. Matt Donnelly, 406-496-4846

Computer Science
Dr. Michele Van Dyne, 406-496-4855

Cyber Security
Mr. Jim Freebourn, 406-496-3735

Data Science
Rick Rossi, 406-496-4356
Michele Van Dyne, 406-496-4855

Electrical Engineering
Dr. Matt Donnelly, 406-496-4846

Environmental Engineering
Dr. Kumar Ganesan, 406-496-4239

Freshman Engineering
Dr. Akua Oppong-Anane, 406-496-4612

General Engineering
Dr. Jack Skinner, 406-496-4460

General Studies
Dawn Atkinson, 406-496-4728

Geological Engineering
Dr. Glenn Shaw, 406-496-4809

Information Technology, Highlands College
Mr. Jim Freebourn, 406-496-3735

Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
Dr. Scott Risser, 406-496-4845

Material Science Ph.D. Program
Dr. Jerry Downey, 406-496-4578

Mathematical Studies
Dr. Hilary Risser, 406-496-4581

Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Jack Skinner, 406-496-4460

Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Dr. Jerry Downey, 406-496-4578

Mining Engineering
Dr. Chris Roos, 406-496-4624

Ms. Karen VanDaveer, 406-496- 4392

Petroleum Engineering
Dr. Todd Hoffman, 406-496-4753

Pre-Professional Health
Dr. Katie Hailer, Department Head, 406-496-4117
Dr. Amy Kuenzi, 406-496-4793

Safety, Health & Industrial Hygiene
Dr. Julie Hart, 406-496-4792

Secondary Education
Kathy Shipman
406-925-0225, 406-496-4852, 406-683-7016

Software Engineering
Dr. Michelle Van Dyne, 406-496-4855

Dr. Rick Rossi, 406-496-4356

Trades & Technical
Mr. Thomas Jungst, 406-496-3789

Writing Program
Dr. Dawn Atkinson, 406-496-4728