Graduate School

Thesis Preparation

Electronic Thesis Protocol

Graduate students should contact Victoria Pagan to have their theses copied and bound. Graduate Students and Committee members are encouraged to contact the Coordinator at any time in the thesis process.

The following steps will ensure that the Graduate Students successfully finish all thesis requirements for graduation in a timely fashion.

  • Write the thesis using the thesis template found on the grad school website
  • How to ensure your thesis has embedded fonts.
  • Meet with Victoria Pagan to check on format and electronic thesis requirements prior to defense
  • Defend the thesis
  • Have committee sign off on Signature Page
  • Finish the Thesis
  • Make all changes required by committee
  • Complete the Graduate Forms with all required signatures
  • Meet with Victoria Pagan.  Bring the following completed documents:
    • Digital copy of the thesis
    • Completed Graduate Forms
    • Supplemental materials in digital format (if applicable)
    • Final format check
    • Signature Page scanned and attached to the thesis
  • Convert thesis to pdf and upload to E-Thesis Website
  • Use Authorization Form to order bound color copies ordered from website
    • Binding/copy fees paid with ProCard
    • Invoice with appropriate Banner charge code (and the cash or check) go to the accounting office
  • Bound copies mailed to Tech within 4-6 weeks

If you have any questions or concerns before, during, or after the Thesis Upload, please contact Victoria Pagan or call 406-496-4102.