Metallurgical/Mineral Processing Engineering Masters
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Metallurgical/Mineral Processing Engineering, M.S.

Program Overview

Metallurgical/Mineral Processing Engineering deals with all aspects of metal and non-metal processing and manufacturing.

  • Mineral processing engineers have the responsibility of accepting ore mined from the earth, comminuting the ore until liberation occurs, and then removing the valuable minerals in the form of concentrates.
  • Extractive metallurgical engineers extract the valuable metals from the concentrates, remove impurities from the metals using aqueous or thermal chemistry, and then market the purified metal as a commodity.
  • Physical metallurgical engineers accept various purified metals and alloy them to control a number of characteristics including strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Materials engineers control the same characteristics but pertaining to plastics, composites, glasses, ceramics, etc.

Graduate research may be pursued in any of the following three areas of concentration:

  • Mineral Processing Engineering deals with the extraction, separation, and concentration of minerals from raw ores.
  • Extractive Metallurgy focuses on refining processes, such as pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy, and electrometallurgy, through which concentrates are refined into a pure metal form.
  • Materials Science emphasizes the study of physical and chemical properties associated with metals, ceramics, glasses, plastics, and slag.

Career Outcomes and Placement

Career opportunities and placement for graduate students in Metallurgical Engineering have been excellent. Companies who have hired our graduate students in recent years include Pegasus Gold; Kaiser Aluminum; Stillwater Mining Co.; Placer Dome U.S., Inc.; Newmont Gold Co.; American Barrick Resources Corp.; Santa Fe Pacific Gold Corp.; ASARCO, Inc.; Phelps Dodge Corp.; AMAX Gold, Inc.; Magma Metals Co., and the USBM.

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Dr. Jerry Downey
ELC 215 (Engineering Lab/Classroom Building)