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Petroleum Engineering, M.S.

Program Overview

The areas of expertise that graduate students may study in Petroleum Engineering are drilling, reservoir, and production engineering.

  • Drilling deals with all aspects of wellbore drilling, casing design and cementing, and well completion.
  • Reservoir Engineering deals with all aspects of modeling the reservoir fluid movement and maximizing oil and gas recovery.
  • Production is primarily the science of removing the crude oil, gas and water from the reservoir to the surface and separating and treating each fluid.

M.S. Core Curriculum

Although the general structure of a student’s selection of courses for the M.S. degree will be adapted to the student’s area of interest, every candidate must include in the selection at least five (5) of the following courses, which then constitutes the core curriculum for the M.S. in Petroleum Engineering:

Course No. Course Title
PET 5010 Advanced Drilling
PET 5020 Production Operations Design
PET 5030 Surface Production Operations
PET 5050 Pressure Transient Testing
PET 5110 Reservoir Simulation Methods
PET 5210 Equations of State
PET 5440 Advanced Enhanced Oil Recovery

Seminar Requirements

  • TC 5150 Graduate Writing Seminar or TC 5160 Technical Writing & Publishing
  • ENGR 5940 Petroleum Engineering Seminar (need to take twice).

A qualifying exam is required for all options in the Petroleum Engineering Department during the 2nd semester.

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Contact Information

Todd Hoffman
NRB 350 (Natural Resource Building)