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Welding trades are essential and in high demand. At Highlands College, the Welding Technology Associate of Applied Science prepares graduates for a career in one of the most important skill professions today. In the two-year program students will be introduced to and provided experience in welding fabrication, pipe and structural welding, and aluminum welding. The hands-on welding technology program teaches students how to work in a variety of environments like manufacturing, industrial construction, aerospace, and constructing pipelines. In addition, students will have the ability to test for AWS and API qualification and certification exams after completion of their first and second years of the program.

The Welding Technology program provides students the ability to gain an education that meets their personal and career goals. Students can complete the two-year Welding Technology Associate of Applied Science and enter the workforce or continue to a Bachelor of Applied Science degree.

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Why Pursue a Welding Technology Degree at Montana Tech?

  • Talented instructors provide personal instruction using industry-leading tools and equipment in skills-relevant facilities.
  • At four-semesters Welding Technology moves you along to certification and a job as quickly as possible.
  • You’ll learn all the skills you need to pass AWS and API qualification and certification tests.
  • You’ll learn techniques to better prepare you for this growing and changing high-demand field.
  • Affordable tuition for a focused range of courses is a smart investment.

Dennis Noel, welding instructorDennis Noel

Welding Instructor

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Jim LeProwse, welding instructorJim LeProwse

Welding Instructor

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Greg DaviesGreg Davies

Welding Instructor

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