Montana True

Our Story

By staying Montana True, we know the Montana Tech community can change the world. It’s our goal to connect focused students to a network of people, opportunities, and experiences that empower them to impact the world in powerful ways. Montana True makes very clear the many things that set Montana Tech apart—an unparalleled living laboratory right outside our doors, an official focus on a legacy of excellence in STEM education, an accomplished and highly-supportive faculty, and a common spirit of hard work and innovation.

Montana True leverages the strength of our university’s home in Montana, a special setting for a special institution. From our big skies, full-circle mountain views, and fresh air to our ability to keep things real and genuine, we’re presenting a lifestyle and mindset that’s unmistakable and flourishes on the Montana Tech campus.

You’ll see our brand brought to life with messaging that’s direct, pithy, witty, and fun as a way to set Montana Tech apart in memorable ways. Our compelling approach to keeping things authentic will establish trust and community. So next time you visit campus, remember that our altitude isn’t nearly as breathtaking as our potential. And that’s what we mean when we say Montana True.

Brand Promise

A Brand Promise is what we promise to deliver those who align with us. It is a statement that captures the audience benefits and clarifies what Montana Tech ultimately delivers to audiences.

Brand Pillars

Brand Pillars are how we demonstrate what we deliver to stakeholders and how we deliver on the Brand Promise.

  1. A smart investment
  2. Montana
  3. A culture of determined doers
  4. Improve the lives of others through discovery and ingenuity
  5. Engaged and collaborative faculty and staff cultivate student success

Brand Character

Brand Character refers to how we act. It is our personality, our way of presenting ourselves to the world in attitude and action.