Tech Students Help Butte's Children's Sunshine Camp



A group of Construction/Carpentry Technology students from the Montana Tech College of Technology has come together to help the Butte Kiwanis Children’s Sunshine Camp. Under the supervision of Bill Ryan, their instructor and Chair of the Trades & Technical Department at the College of Technology, the students completed a brand new large deck and stairways.

"This was a fun and educational class project for our students," said Bill Ryan, COT Carpentry Instructor and Chair of the Trades & Technology Department. "Building a deck and stairway system is one of the most common tasks which our construction/carpentry students will be called upon to do. I was really glad that our students could learn these skills in an actual project for a really worthy cause in their own community."

The Butte Kiwanis Children’s Sunshine Camp is operated by the Big Butte Kiwanis Club in Butte. The Big Butte Kiwanis Club, like all of the Kiwanis clubs across Montana, strives "to serve our part of Montana with projects to help the children of our communities, and to sponsor organizations that will help nurture the next generation of responsible leaders." The Butte Kiwanis Children’s Sunshine Camp is "a summer camp for children from primarily low income families that provides a positive living environment to foster personal growth."

"The partnership between our Construction Program and the Butte Kiwanis Children’s Sunshine Camp has been mutually beneficial," said Dr. John M. Garic, Dean of the College of Technology. "As one of our American Democracy Project initiatives, our students are not only learning their academic lessons, they are also engaging in meaningful actions as citizens in a democracy by helping a community project in their own town. I couldn’t be prouder of them."