Montana Tech Mining Team Competes at the 2011 International Mining Competition



Mining students from Universities across the globe traveled to Reno, NV in hopes for earning bragging rights at the 33rd annual international mining competition at the University of Nevada, Reno.

The event was hosted by the Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering at UNR. The two-day competition saw teams of six compete in men’s, women’s, co-ed, alumni, and individual classes. Teams competed in seven different events: hand steel, gold pan, jack leg, track stand, mucking, swede saw, and survey.

The all-day competition saw teams from Montana Tech, Virginia Tech, Mackay, University of Arizona, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Colorado School of Mines, Missouri-Rolla, University of Queensland, Camborne School of Mines, Penn State, Kentucky, and the Western Australia School of Mines.

“I am pleased to announce that all four of our teams competed very well with the best mining teams in the world, especially considering overall how young our Tech teams are,” announced Shane Parrow, assistant professor of Mining Engineering at Montana Tech. “In addition, at all times, our Tech teams competed with integrity, respect, and above all sportsmanship! Congratulations must go out to these hard working and dedicated students for all their efforts in training and preparation for the competition.”

The Montana Tech women’s team consists of: Allison Brown, Kiara Ross, Emily Matosich, Amanda Dutton, Lindsay Filler, and Amber McGivern. The co-ed team included Trent Mortensen, Zach Kistinger, Nikki Nixon, Katherine Berry, and Sam Wiley. The men’s team A was comprised of Steve Krogh, PJ Brumit, Devon Gruel, Kyle Murphy, John Hoover and the men’s team B included Brian Mangan, Doug Peters, Dick Setterstrom, Bryan Farbridge, and Jacob Kuchta.

Event Results by team:

Women’s Team:

  • Overall – 2nd place
  • Mucking – 1st place
  • Track Stand – 3rd place
  • Gold Pan – 2nd place
  • Survey – 3rd place
  • Swede Saw – 1st place
  • Hand Steel – 2nd place
  • Jack Leg – 2nd place

Co-Ed Team Results:

  • Overall – 4th place
  • Mucking – 3rd place
  • Track Stand – 3rd place
  • Gold Pan – 7th place
  • Survey – 5th place
  • Swede Saw – 2nd place
  • Hand Steel – 3rd place
  • Jack Leg – 5th place

Men’s Team A Results:

  • Overall – 5th place
  • Mucking – 2nd place
  • Track Stand – 4th place
  • Gold Pan – 9th place
  • Survey – 19th place
  • Swede Saw – 4th place
  • Hand Steel – 6th place
  • Jack Leg – 1st place

Men’s Team B Results:

  • Overall – 4th place
  • Mucking – 8th place
  • Track Stand – 5th place
  • Gold Pan – 1st place
  • Survey – 4th place
  • Swede Saw – 3rd place
  • Hand Steel – 13th place
  • Jack Leg – 8th place

For more information, please contact Shane Parrow at 406-496-4624.