Good Fences Make Good Students



Montana Tech is known for helping students apply what they learn in real world situations. This concept has been clearly on display at the College of Technology where students are manufacturing and installing a new ornamental iron fence along Basin Creek Road replacing the old chain link fence. Students in the Metals Fabrication Program have worked in coordination with Civil Engineering Technology students on the project.

“I think this project is perfect for my students,” said Dennis Noel, Metals Fabrication instructor. “There is a strong academic component to the project. They had to understand the design, then perform to some exacting standards in the fabrication of the fence and then had to coordinate their work with the input from the Civil Engineering Technology students. This is exactly what they will face in the real world of metals fabrication work.”

Civil Engineering Technology students, led by their instructor, Eric Martin, helped in the project by quantifying the slope of the land along the street frontage. The information about the slope was then used by the Metals Fabrication students in calculating the fit of the fence down the slope.

The fence is being constructed with decorative ornamental iron. The design of the fence has a contemporary flair but one which is reminiscent of the iconic arch over the main entrance to the North Campus.

“This is a wonderful academic exercise,” said Dr. John M. Garic, Dean of the College of Technology. “Because of that fact, the fence will be completed over a period of semesters. And I am confident that the many students who work on this project will, in the future, point with pride to that fence and their superior workmanship.”

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