Tech Graduates "Ride" in Lineman Rodeo



Recent graduates of the Montana Tech College of Technology Lineman Program participated and scored significantly well in the 19th Annual Montana Lineman’s Rodeo. This year, it was held at Pelican Point in Cascade, Montana.

Tech Lineman Program graduates participating in the rodeo were: Jason Beatty, Vance Forsman, John McGillis, Dane Okerland, Michael (Troy) Ramey and Travis Reynolds. Dane Okerland placed 3rd and Vance Forsman placed 5th (out of 85) in the Top Apprentice – Overall category. Dane also scored first in the Overall Speed Climb. Dane and Vance also finished 3rd and 5th (out of 63) respectively in the Construction category. Additionally, Dane placed 2nd in the Hurt Man Rescue. Travis Reynolds, Jason Beatty, Michael (Troy) Ramey scored 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Top Line School category.

“I was really proud of our graduates,” said Bob McCormick, Montana Tech Lineman Instructor. “They competed successfully against seasoned professionals as well as guys from other lineman programs.”

This event promotes safety and pride to the utility work. In the lineman’s rodeo, linemen, apprentices, groundmen, operators, tree trimmers and anyone who works around power lines or does utility work may competes, but everyone has fun. This year, in addition to the Montana Tech Lineman Program graduates, there were competitors from NorthWestern Energy, Contractors, Montana Electric Cooperatives Association, and many other utility and contractors from all over the United States.

“I am very pleased that our Lineman Program graduates were so successful in the rodeo competition,” said Dr. John M. Garic, Dean of the College of Technology. “From my perspective, however, the fact that they did so well tells me that our Lineman Program is doing its job by providing superior training to the next generation of lineman professionals.”

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