Tech Students Adopt Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Tech Students Adopt Sexual Assault Awareness Month


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and events are being scheduled around the nation to raise awareness of the issues and problems associated with sexual assault. This year’s national theme is "IT’S TIME … TO TALK ABOUT IT!" Montana Tech is building on this theme by encouraging students, faculty and staff to stand up against sexual violence.

"We want our students to know the warning signs and dangers of sexual assault," said Tech Dean of Students, Paul Beatty. "It is also important for us all to know how we might personally intervene in these situations involving our friends or family."

As an additional part of the sexual assault awareness initiative, Tech will host Safe Space advocate, Officer Dan Murphy of the Butte Police Department. Officer Murphy will make a presentation on domestic violence generally and more specifically how Butte has been impacted. Officer Murphy will make his presentation twice, first on the North Campus at a Noon "brown bag" lunch on April 24th in Kelly Steward room in the SUB, and then on the South Campus at a noon pizza lunch on April 25th in the Commons.

As part of the program, Tech community members are encouraged to wear awareness support ribbons. "We are also encouraging everyone to have their picture taken showing support against sexual violence," said student advocate, Luci Henry.

The statistics of sexual assault among college students are significant.

  • One in four college women report being raped or attempted rape since turning 14 years of age.
  • Between 62% and 84% of survivors of sexual assault knew their attacker.
  • 57% of sexual assaults happen on dates.
  • 75% of men and 55% of women involved in acquaintance/date rape were drinking or taking drugs before the attack.

"When it comes to sexual assault prevention, knowledge equals power," said Tech Counselor, Joyce O’Neill. "The more information someone has about healthy sexuality, the more likely they are to identify sexual abuse or violence when it occurs."