2012 Montana Tech Service and Achievement Awards

2012 Montana Tech Service and Achievement Awards


Montana Tech celebrated the hard work and dedication of its employees at a celebration on Friday, May 4. Tech presented its faculty and staff with the annual Rose and Anna Busch awards, Service Awards, Achievement Awards, and Distinguished Researcher Awards.

ROSE AND ANNA BUSCH AWARDS: Each year, members of the campus community nominate and select outstanding faculty members for the annual Rose and Anna Busch Faculty Achievement Awards. This year, six awards were presented with five awards going to faculty in each of the three schools/colleges and one for part-time faculty. The award honors those with outstanding teaching skills, including classroom effectiveness, collegiality, and accessibility; extensive campus or community service; and/or distinguished research/scholarship.

The following faculty members were awarded the 2012 Rose and Anna Busch award:

  • School of Mines and Engineering: John Amtmann and Jim Girard
  • College of Letters, Sciences, and Professional Studies: Scott Risser and Katie Hailer
  • College of Technology: Gretchen Geller
  • Part-Time Faculty: Stella Capoccia

MONTANA TECH SERVICE AWARDS: Montana Tech acknowledged the following faculty and staff members for their years of service to Montana Tech:

  • 45 YEAR AWARD (1967-2012): Dick Berg (Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology)
  • 40 YEAR AWARD (1972 – 2012): Diane Murray (College of Technology)
  • 35 YEAR AWARD (1977 – 2012): Larry Jacobson (Liberal Studies)
  • 30 YEAR AWARDS (1982 – 2012): Paul Beatty (Student Services), Ted Duaime (Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology), Karen Monaghan (Office of VC for Academic Affairs & Research)
  • 25 YEAR AWARDS (1987 – 2012): Mike Kukay (Network Services), Ken Palmer (Physical Facilities)
  • 20 YEAR AWARDS (1992 – 2012): Bill Drury (Environmental Engineering), Jeff Lonn (Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology), Charlotte McKenzie (Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology), Marv Speece (Geophysical Engineering), Diane Wolfgram (Geological Engineering)
  • 15 YEAR AWARDS (1997 – 2012): Kelly Amtmann (Nursing), John Foley (MBMG), Chris Gammons (Geological Engineering), David Hobbs (Chemistry), Joan McNabb (Business Office), Shauna Savage (Enrollment Services)

RESEARCH AWARDS: Each year the Montana Tech Research Office makes several awards to honor and reward those faculty and staff who have contributed to the success of the campus research and scholarly activity enterprise.

  • Distinguished Researcher Awards went to Jeff Lonn (Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology), Chris Danielson (Liberal Studies), and Chris Gammons, Geological Engineering.
  • The Lifetime Distinguished Researcher Award went to Robin McCulloch with the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology.
  • Million Dollar Club: These awards recognize retiring faculty and staff whose grantmanship has brought over $1,000,000 in grants and contracts to the campus during their tenure at Montana Tech. These recipients become members of the Research Office’s Million Dollar Club. This year’s retirees are Rick Douglass, Biology, and Joe Figueira, Research Office.
  • Decade Awards: The decade awards honor accomplishments in mentorship, inventorship and grantspersonship over the last ten years. The Research Office, the Graduate School, and the Office of Sponsored Projects worked to identify the winners.
  • Mentorship: Who has served as the Thesis Chair on the most Masters degrees in the last ten years? Montana Tech has produced 361 Masters degrees over the last 10 years and three faculty members have accounted for almost one third of the total. These faculty members include Chris Gammons, Terry Spear, and finally, the award winner, with 50 graduate student advisees Kumar Ganesan, Environmental Engineering.
  • Inventorship: Over the last 10 years, there were 21 patent disclosures. The winner with 8 is John Morrison, Electrical Engineering.
  • Grantpersonship: The following faculty and staff have received the most grants and contracts to support service, education and research over the last ten years: Dan Trudnowski, Electrical Engineering; Ted Duaime, Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology; and Amy Verlanic, Institute for Educational Opportunities.