Montana Tech's Announces Funding

Montana Tech's Announces Funding


Today, Matt Vincent, director of Montana Tech’s Clark Fork Watershed Education Program (Cfwep.Org), announced that the Governor's Trustees Restoration Council recently approved the extension of an education contract for Cfwep.Org through the 2014 fiscal year. The funding, which was approved unanimously, amounts to $752,467.

"We are extremely pleased and grateful for Gov. Schweitzer’s continued commitment to education in the Clark Fork basin," said Matt. "Education of the next generation in America’s largest Superfund site is as important as it gets and we are excited to continue providing that service to the schools between Butte and Missoula." Part of the campus' Institute for Educational Opportunities (formerly Technical Outreach), Cfwep.Org is the leading provider of place-based science and history education to schools in the Upper Clark Fork River Basin. The program focuses on Butte and Anaconda mining and smelting history and the science behind the watershed restoration of the Clark Fork basin. Over 2,000 students are served with Cfwep.Org’s programming each year.

"Montana Tech focuses on STEM education and we thank Matt and his staff at CFWEP for their work in getting the " hook" in these students’ mouths when they are young and keeping them interested in science, engineering, technology, and math," said Doug Abbott, vice chancellor for academic affairs and research. "It is this hook that will ensure future generations of scientists, engineers, mathematicians, etc."

"The announcement today is a great recognition of all the quality programs here at Montana Tech," explained Don Blackketter, Montana Tech chancellor. "Tech certainly has a heritage of natural resource engineering but when you look around at all our programs–healthcare, business, science, work-force development, and in this case ecology and restoration, this is another example of the leadership that Montana Tech plays in Montana and the nation."

The funding, which covers three full-time employees, continues services in dozens of schools between Butte and Missoula, as well as the Birds’ Eye View Education Program, a unique summer program with the University of Montana’s Avian Science Center in Missoula. Since its inception in 2005, Cfwep.Org has served over 20,000 students in the Clark Fork Basin and western Montana.