Liberal Studies Professor Publishes new Book

Liberal Studies Professor Publishes new Book


Montana Tech Liberal Studies Professor Robert Ziegler has a new book

–Satanism, Magic, and Mysticism in Fin-de-siècle France–that has recently appeared with British publisher Palgrave Macmillan. In his book, Professor Ziegler explores how, in response to the spread of Republicanism and science, turn-of-the-century France witnessed a powerful movement toward mysticism, magic, and devil worship. Serious occultists published treatises on the Kabbalah, astral travel, and spell-casting, Satanists, both charlatans and genuine practitioners, spread across the country, and Catholics increasingly adopted a form of mysticism based on a belief in the redemptive power of suffering and a hope for the coming apocalypse.

Professor Ziegler’s other scholarly works also focus on the literature and culture of late 19th-century France and include Beauty Raises the Dead: Literature and Loss in the Fin de Si

ècle (2001) and Asymptote: An Approach to Decadent Fiction (2009).