Walmart donates to Montana Tech's Litte Digger Days


Today, Montana Tech’s Institute for Educational Opportunities and Little Digger Day received a $5,000 donation from Butte’s Walmart. Little Digger Day was created on the campus of Montana Tech 9 years ago by Annette Kankelborg and Amy Verlanic. Butte’s Walmart has supported Little Digger Day since its inception.

Walmart’s Deanna Phillips, assistant manager; Merle Axford, manager; and associates were invited to campus today to be recognized and thanked for their escalating volunteer efforts and donations to Little Digger Day. Little Digger Day is designed for grade school children to visit the Montana Tech campus and interact with students and faculty and engage in fun activities that stimulate their interests in science and mathematics.

"The Walmart associates have been pivotal in making Little Digger Day a success by providing their time and a lunch to the children of Southwestern Montana and beyond during these special events," explained Kehli Hazlett, Outreach Program Coordinator. The Butte Walmart has 5 main volunteer events for the Butte community each year. These events require 50 associates to volunteer 250 hours and in turn, a local organization will receive $5,000. This year, Butte associates volunteered their time and served a BBQ lunch to the Little Digger Day participants. They also held a supplemental BBQ in the Walmart parking lot donating the $276.45 proceeds to Montana Tech. The Walmart associates and managers successfully maxed out their volunteer hours on all 5 events with Little Digger Day being the first volunteer event completed. For this, Montana Tech’s Little Digger Day received a $5,000 donation from the Walmart Corporation. "Thank you Deanna, Merle, and all the Walmart associates who volunteered and made the 8th Annual Little Digger Day a success," added Hazlett. "These funds not only support Little Digger Day, they also are improving the educational attainment and aspirations of our areas children!"