Highlands College Installs Major New Sculpture

Highlands College Installs Major New Sculpture


A major new sculpture has been installed at Highlands College of Montana Tech. Entitled Education=Lifelong Learning, the sculpture was moved last week to its permanent location--

hung from the ceiling of the Commons, the dining hall of Highlands College. The sculpture, made of wood, has the qualities of a Mobius in that it is impossible to tell where it begins and ends.

"This is a very dramatic sculpture in its own right," said Mr. Hanson. "But being hung from the ceiling and being able to actually walk under it makes the drama of the piece even more interesting and powerful."

The sculpture was designed by Construction/Carpentry student, Justin Palin, and constructed by Adjunct Instructor, Allen Hanson. There are 24 pieces to the sculpture and its construction was conducted in the nature of putting together a puzzle.

Entitled Education=Lifelong Learning, the sculpture appears to have no beginning and no ending. Analogously, education is a life-long process and, wonderfully, has no ending because we are constantly learning throughout our lives.

"This is the third major sculpture which we have acquired for our campus," said Dr. John M. Garic, Dean of Highlands College. "I strongly believe that art has the power to both inspire and comfort. I am very grateful to our artists who created this work of art and am very pleased to have it grace our campus.