Montana Tech to administer 1 million dollar teaching grant

Montana Tech to administer 1 million dollar teaching grant


Over the next three years, Montana Tech will have the task of administering a $1 million grant that will help science teachers across the state learn effective teaching strategies. Denise Juneau, the state's Superintendent of Public Instruction, on Tuesday announced the recipients of two grants totaling $2 million from the Mathematics and Science Partnership Program. Tech secured the science grant.

Tech's Clark Fork Watershed Education Program secured the grant, with Rayelynn Connole,'s curriculum coordinator, as the grant's principal investigator, along with Ken Miller of Montana State University-Billings.

The grant, about $600,000 of which will go exclusively to Tech, will be used to train teachers in the new Next Generation Science Standards. It will help teachers learn effective ways to use a more hands-on approach to science class rather than a textbook-and-worksheet-based curriculum, Connole said.

"Read science in the classroom" and in the outdoors, like experiments and observations, is the goal Connole said.

Fifteen faculty members teaching science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at Tech will be trained first, and then they'll teach kindergarten through 12th grade teachers.

Altogether, Connole said 136 teachers and 50 principals will get the professional development opportunity afforded by the grant.

Bozeman public schools, Montana State University and others received the math grant. (By Piper Haugan,