Rare Element Resources Supports Research at Montana Tech

Rare Element Resources Supports Research at Montana Tech


Rare Element Resources (RER), a publicly traded company having 100% interest in the Bear Lodge Property in Wyoming, has presented Montana Tech with a donation in the amount of $15,000. The donation will be used to support research work by Montana Tech Metallurgical and Materials Engineering student, Ashley Carter.

Ashley is currently a graduate student from Upton, WY, a small town with a population of 1,100 in Weston County, Wyoming. Rare Element Resources has chosen Upton as the site to construct and operate a hydrometallurgical facility to recover Rare Earth Minerals. "I am extremely grateful for RER and their help in my pursuit of higher education,” explained Ashley. “They have given me the opportunity to not only achieve a master's degree and become involved in an exciting area of industry, but also provide the unique experience of working on something that could help, and keep me in touch with, my home town area."

Dr. Courtney Young, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department Head added, “This support comes at an incredible time. We just initiated two Rare Earth Element projects through the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to address a national concern of critical materials shortage and now we will get a third.  All three projects are great examples of industry-sponsored research and should bode well for helping get the proposed collaborative PhD in Materials Science approved and initiated. Furthermore, Ashley is one of those students who is not only strong, but very motivated. I am confident that she will make the project succeed and go on to have a very successful career as well. We are always on the lookout for students like her and projects like this.”

Jaye Pickarts, Chief Operating Officer for Rare Element Resources, stated, “RER is committed in supporting students at United States colleges and universities that are pursuing the research and development of critical materials in this country.  We are excited to be able to support Ms. Carter’s work and her pursuit of a graduate degree at Montana Tech.”