Highlands College Instructor Helps NAPA win National Award

Highlands College Instructor Helps NAPA win National Award


Highlands College Automotive Instructor, Jerry Stewart, has helped NAPA Autotech to win the prestigious National Excellence in Training Award for 2012 from the Automotive Training Management Council (ATMC) for its training class "Volumetric Efficiency with Pressure Wave Forms". Jerry and a colleague, Neil Quort were the primary developers of the class and its curriculum.

"Thank you for the great job you two have done to improve the NAPA Autotech training program," said Bob Henriksen, General Manager of NAPA Autotech. "Your efforts have made us a better team."

Jerry has developed and taught classes for NAPA Autotech for many years. He is now in his second year as the Automotive Instructor for Highlands College.

The course which is the focus of this national award deals with volumetric efficiency, which is how air flows through an engine. The course includes a unique new way of calculating volumetric efficiency and thereby shorten diagnostic time by as much as half.

"I am very proud of Jerry and his involvement in his curricular development work for NAPA Autotech resulting in their national award for excellence," said Dr. John M. Garic, Dean of Highlands College. "Once again, this evidences the strong credentials and qualities possessed by our faculty. Our students are the direct beneficiaries of Jerry’s strong work."