Governor Bullock thanks Montana Tech Library


Governor Bullock recently sent a letter to Connie Daugherty of Montana Tech Library thanking her for the library’s support of the Remediation Division of the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).  He reaffirmed the significance of this cooperative partnership as a relationship “of great value and importance.”

Tech Library serves as the Official Repository of Reports and Final Records of Decision for one of the country’s largest Superfund sites which includes Silver Bow Creek, Butte area, Montana Pole Plant, Anaconda and the Clark Fork River Basin.  Connie maintains the library’s extensive Superfund collection which contains official reports for the remediation work being done at these sites.  As the work on the Butte Priority Soils site increases, Connie regularly receives new reports and updates for completed projects and on-going reclamation activities.  She also makes available the historic documents for the sites.

In addition to maintaining the Superfund collection, Connie also works closely with the DEQ in order to exchange information and provide access to available publications in either print or electronic format. This cooperative liaison has proven helpful for the agency, and for Montana Tech students and researchers.