NorthWestern Energy to Donate to Montana Tech


NorthWestern Energy will donate $25,000 to Montana Tech to fund scholarships in the Electrical Engineering Department. NorthWestern Energy CEO Bob Rowe will present the donation to Montana Tech on July 16 at 1:15 p.m. in the Tom and Mary Dyk Board Room in the Frank and Ann Gilmore University Relations Center.
This is the second year in a row that NorthWestern Energy has made this investment in the students at Montana Tech. “We are thankful for NorthWestern Energy and their support of our students in the Electrical Engineering Department,” explained Chancellor Don Blackketter. “Last year, these scholarships aided 10 students in their studies, allowing them to focus more on academics and less on funding their education.”
This year’s support from NorthWestern Energy will be used to support even more students at Montana Tech. “Tech’s Electrical Engineering has a strong focus on power and supports the industry. Tech is excited to continue this partnership with NorthWestern Energy in providing student support during the academic year and employment as interns in the summer,” added Blackketter.
The Northwestern Energy Scholarship has aided students from Butte, Helena, and Missoula.
“NorthWestern Energy and Butte are very fortunate to have such a fine institution contributing in such a positive way to our greater community,” said NorthWestern’s Rowe. “Our work is complicated and technical. We value the relationships we have with the four and two-year institutions in NorthWestern country, which train our future employees and leaders. We’re very proud of the many talented and hard-working Montana Tech graduates we have on our team now, and look forward to bringing in future generations to help provide our customers great service.”
“Our Electrical Engineering Department is a growing program on campus,” noted Dr. Dan Trudnowski, Electrical Engineering Department Head. “The support from Northwestern Energy and the commitment to our Department helps with the retention of our current students and the recruitment of new students. Their support allows our Department to remain strong and I thank them for investing in our program.”