Montana Tech Computer Science and Software Engineering Seniors Perform in Top 1%


Montana Tech Computer Science and Software Engineering students continue to perform impressively on the Educational Testing Services (ETS) Computer Science Major Field Test. The ETS® Major Field Test for Computer Science consists of 66 multiple-choice questions, some of which are grouped in sets and based on materials such as diagrams, graphs and program fragments. Over the last five years, Montana Tech students have performed at the 90th percentile or better on this national standardized exam. Montana Tech’s 2013 seniors outperformed 99% of the other institutions administering the exam in 2012-13. The ETS test is part of Montana Tech’s Computer Science and Software Engineering Senior Seminar requirements. The Computer Science Department uses the test results as part of their ABET Accreditation assessment process. 

“We are very pleased that our students continue to perform so well,” explained Jeff Braun, Computer Science and Software Engineering Department Head. “The students receive no special preparation for the test. These results demonstrate that our students learn and retain core computer science and software engineering topics. These core concepts are reinforced with practical assignments and hands-on projects designing, building, testing, and maintaining software systems. These results show why our graduates are in high demand.”