National Timber Bridge Survey Results LIve


Results from a nationwide, multi-year survey, administered by Montana Tech students and faculty, is now live and posted on The National Center for Wood Transportation Structures website at Logan Dunlap, a senior in general engineering (civil option), Daniel Zieske, a graduate student in Environmental Engineering, and associate professor, Brian Kukay, were previously mentioned in Structure magazine, the premier resource for practicing structural engineers, regarding their efforts on the survey. They were conducting a multi-year survey of Timber Bridge Construction and Maintenance. Montana Tech faculty member, Brian Kukay, went before an American Association of State Highway and Transportation Official’s committee this past June to present their findings. 

The survey was developed with input from the Federal Highway Administration, the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Forest Products Laboratory, and assistance from Phil Pierce, Chair of the Timber Bridge Committee. It can be used in part to determine the extent of the use of wood for vehicular bridges and to assist in resolving issues of concern that bridge owners might be experiencing. Information relating to this survey will also be presented at an upcoming International Conference on Timber Bridges and may lead to potential further investigation and/or research.