Montana Tech Environmental Engineering Department Assessing Blacktail Creek Stream Corridor


Picture of Blacktail Creek

Montana Tech’s Environmental Engineering Department has received funding from the Natural Resource Damage Program of the Montana Department of Justice to complete a restoration field project along Blacktail Creek in Butte, Montana. Dr. Kumar Ganesan of the Environmental Engineering Department at Montana Tech is working with Dr. Tom Waring, Professor Emeritus, Capri Gillam, a post-bachelorial student of Environmental Engineering, Ted Dodge, Executive Director of the Water Resource Council (WRC), and Will McDowell, a consultant to WRC, to complete this project.

The goal is to develop an assessment of riparian corridor health on the selected stream reaches in Blacktail Creek evaluating status, problems, sources of problems, and opportunities for riparian and in-stream habitat improvement. There were over 100 homeowners who extended their cooperation to have the team walk through their properties along the creek. The field work is completed. The data collected are being compiled to prepare the report. The project was started in August 2013 and will be completed by the end of November 2013. Capri Gillam took the lead role in field data gathering along with the help of two other graduate students, Seth Reedy and Eric Larson of the Environmental Engineering Department. Doug Martin and Pat Cunneen, both 1992 Environmental Engineering graduates who work with the Natural Resource Damage Program (NRDP), are supervising the project.