Montana Tech Hosts 6th Annual CareerSmart Fair


The 6th Annual CareerSmart Fair will be held on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 in the Montana Tech Student Union Building. Open to current students and alumni, the fair runs from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30p.m. “We’re very excited at the number and the growing diversity of recruiters who will be attending this event,” said Career Services Director Sarah Raymond. “Nearly 60 companies from a wide range of organizations and industries will be present. We look to this as a real opportunity for all of our students in terms of internships, summer and full-time employment.”

Montana Tech students continue to be highly recruited by a wide variety of companies from across the country.  This is due to the excellent education and reputed work ethic.  The recruiters will be representing healthcare, business, and the military, as well as many of the familiar engineering career paths.

Students and alumni interested in participating must register through their DIGGERecruiting accounts.  Continual updating of their information is most important, as recruiting announcements, information sessions, workshops, job postings and a wide variety of other events are communicated throughout the year on DIGGERecruiting.  “We don’t want students to miss out on any information that would help them in their careers,” said Raymond.  Students can also access other information regarding those companies attending through DIGGERecruiting. “Employers want students and alumni to be well-prepared to meet with them,” Raymond added.

"After multiple internships, amounting in about a year's worth of experience, I now have a great full-time job to start my career! And it all started from attending the career fair!" -Jeff Hall – 2013 Grad – EchoStar

"You've already taken the first step to a great career by attending a GREAT school. Now it's time to take the next step by attending the Career Fair. "The biggest reason I got my internship is this: I showed up at the Career Fair, prepared to interview on the spot."-Greg Hansen – Summer Internship 2014 - BP

Students can register online through DIGGERecruiting and find additional information at Please contact the Career Services at 406.496.4140 if there are additional questions.