Environmental Engineering Alumni Workshop on Campus


The 15th Annual Environmental Engineering Alumni Workshop will be held in the Copper Lounge of the Student Union Building on Thursday, March 6, 2014, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  This year’s workshop includes topics in air quality, water quality, land and stream, senior design projects, and environmental education.  Montana Tech’s Environmental Engineering alumni from across the United States will be giving presentations.  Topics and presenters are as follows: Outer Continental Shelf Permitting , Kyle Heitkamp from Environ; Azurite Mine (WA) – A CERCLA Removal Action Case Study , Dustin Wasley from Cascade Earth Sciences; Colorado Flooding Damage Assessment and Repairs, Tyrel Wilson from CDM Smith; Reclamation of the Forest Rose Mine , Devin Clary from the Montana DEQ; Cement Manufacturing - Implementation of 2015 NESHAP, Greg Gannon from Holcim; and Working on the Business Case Study - Bison Engineering, Jeff Chaffee from Bison Engineering.   A panel of faculty, alumni and students has also been put together to discuss Environmental Education — Past and Future.  Also senior Environmental Engineering students will present on their design team projects which include Nanoscale Magnetite Mediated Arsenic Removal from Water, A Versatile Solution for Off-Grid Drinking Water Treatment, and Environmental Alumni Terraces.  For additional scheduling information, see http://www.mtech.edu/events/2014/03/workshop-2014.pdf.