Montana Tech to Host AISES Conference


The Montana Tech student AISES Chapter (American Indian Science and Engineering Society) will be holding the Region 1 Conference on the Montana Tech campus April 4 and April 5. This region covers Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming and the three western providences of Canada, Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. We are expecting over 200 pre-college and college students to attend this conference.

College AISES
“The focus of the College Program is “Access and Success.” AISES administers and is involved in many programs and events for American Indian and Alaska Native college students to increase access to, and boost success in, STEM.

The College Program supports undergraduate and graduate education and students in STEM studies through college chapters, regional and national conferences, leadership development, mentorship, scholarships, internships and career resources.

Pre-College AISES
The focus of the Pre-College Program is “Awareness and Retention.” AISES engages in a multitude of programs and events that aim to ensure students are given exposure to first-rate science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs and events. These experiences and opportunities support students in discovering, pursuing, and sustaining their interest in STEM as they prepare for their college careers and beyond.

The Pre-College Program supports early childhood through high school education and students in STEM studies through teacher training, regional science bowls, science fairs, leadership development, mentorship, scholarships, internships and other programming designed to support students and their families.” For more information, visit: