Materials Science PhD Ready for Applicants


Montana Tech, Montana State University, and the University of Montana are accepting applications from students who wish to enter the new Montana University System Materials Science Ph.D. program and begin their studies in the fall 2014 semester.

In May, 2013, the Montana University System announced this exciting new collaborative program, which is the only materials science doctorate program in the state. The program is designed to provide students maximum flexibility and research opportunities by providing them with access to the departments, faculty, courses, and research infrastructure at the three campuses.
Research specialties are focused in four primary areas:
• Biomaterials
• Electronic, photonic and magnetic materials
• Materials for energy storage, conversion and conservation
• Materials synthesis, processing and fabrication
The curriculum integrates a broad range of physical science and engineering disciplines with an even broader range of applications, from health and medicine to nanotechnology, energy, environment and natural resources.
Dr. Jerry Downey, the Montana Tech Campus Director for the program, said, “After all of the time and effort that has been spent on the design and development of this program, my colleagues on the three campuses are highly enthusiastic about getting the first class of students on board and introducing the new courses this Fall.”

All of the core curriculum courses will be offered through distance learning, which means that a student enrolled in one of the institutions will be able to attend courses offered at all three campuses through videoconferencing technology.     
To be eligible for admission to the Ph.D. program, a student must:
• Possess a B.S. degree, M.S. degree or equivalent in materials science, materials engineering, physics, chemistry, metallurgy, or a related science or engineering field.
• Provide an academic record with evidence of a strong background in the fundamentals of science and/or engineering principles.
Applications are submitted to an Admissions Committee, which includes membership from all three campuses. The Ph.D. Program Admissions Committee reviews the applicants, including the match between the applicant’s interest and preferred campus. Admissions recommendations will consider the applicant’s qualifications, the availability of financial support, and the availability of a faculty advisor with compatible research interests.
For more information, please visit the program website at