Dr. John Ray has Oxford Article Accepted


Dr. John W. Ray of Montana Tech’s Liberal Studies Department has had an article entitled “Religion and Democracy: Are They Philosophically Compatible?” accepted for publication by the Forum on Public Policy published by the Oxford Round Table  whose venue is the Harris Manchester College, Oxford University. The paper is an outgrowth of a presentation Dr. Ray gave at Oxford University in March 2014.

Dr. Ray makes the argument that organized religion is fundamentally incompatible with democracy as can be readily seen in contemporary political debates. This incompatibility is demonstrated in terms of contrasting positions on the: view of human nature, nature of political truth, nature of freedom, role of dissent, view of the purpose of the state and what constitutes legitimate political authority.

According to the Oxford Round Table: The Forum on Public Policy is an international peer reviewed journal that seeks to disseminate knowledge with regard to salient issues in public affairs.  This includes research and policy advancement in both the public and private sectors that address government issues at state, national and international levels of discourse.