Montana Tech Adjunct Faculty Member Featured in Outdoor Life Magazine


rod alne featured in outdoor magazineRod Alne, President of The Peak, Inc. of Butte, Montana, is featured in the March issue of Outdoor Life Magazine.   Entitled, “Peak Performance; 7 Essential Skills,” the Outdoor Life article draws upon Alne’s experience in outdoor survival and features seven techniques designed to help any outdoor enthusiast.   The cover of the magazine features a Survival Lanyard designed by The Peak, Inc. which includes 50 feet of braided 550 parachute cord, a whistle, fire starter, compass, flashlight, and small knife – all essential to assisting someone who may be lost or stranded.

According to Alne, “It is truly an honor and a privilege to be featured in this caliber of a magazine.   I am humbled and proud of what we have accomplished at The Peak as we have positioned ourselves as experts in survival training and education.   We take a common sense approach to survival equipment and training, and I believe that separates The Peak from others doing this type of work.”

Alne served for 27 years with the Air Force’s elite Pararescue units. He retired as a Chief Master Sergeant in 2005 and moved to Butte, Montana.  He is a combat veteran of the first Gulf War, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  He has extensive experience operating with and training military Special Operations units.  As the Director of Operations for a 150-man elite Special Tactics Squadron, he planned and executed several sensitive Joint Chief of Staff missions.   In 2005, he created The Peak, Inc. in Butte where he provides training to military special operations units, the Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, law enforcement agencies, and private utilities.   He also designed and instructs a course in Wilderness Safety at Montana Tech.