Montana Tech One of the Top Public Universities for Graduates Return on Investment


March 3, 2015

Montana Tech was mentioned in Monday’s The Wall Street Journal as a top 10 Best Public University for Return on Investment. The article titled, “Are Prestigious Private Colleges Worth the Cost,” invited three people to join in an email discussion on the issue. The piece called out best return on investment universities by the following: Best Private Colleges for Returns on Investment, Best Public Universities for Returns on Investment, and Best Returns on Investment, Liberal Arts Majors.

Montana Tech landed No. 9 on the list of Best Public Universities for Returns on Investment. The data was from the 2014 PayScale College ROI Report and was for all majors based on projected earnings over 20 years. Four-year cost was based on 2013 out-of-state tuition, room and board on campus, with no financial aid. Montana Tech was noted with an 8.3% Annual ROI and a 20-year Net ROI of $506,800.

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