Dr. John Ray has Paper Accepted for Publication


Dr. John W. Ray of Montana Tech’s Liberal Studies Department has had a peer reviewed paper accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the Rhetoric of Evidence Conference: Epistemic Models and Rhetorical Practice in Science, Education and Culture held at Heidelberg University under the auspices of Tubingen University, Germany. The title of Dr. Ray’s paper is “An Analysis and Criticism of Ch. Perelman’s Approach to Evidence and Argument as Developed in The New Rhetoric.” Dr. Ray is the author of the article “Perelman’s Universal Audience” which was published by the Quarterly Journal of Speech and has been cited in over 80 scholarly articles.

Chaim Perelman was the major 20th Century figure in rhetorical theory who wrote extensively on justice, argumentation and evidence. Perelman argued that evidence must be viewed rhetorically with particular attention paid to the concept of audience. The publishers of the proceedings state: “Evidence has become a central research focus of a variety of disciplines. The question of how to successfully and clearly depict evidence must be continually re-answered.”