Dr. John Ray has Four Papers Accepted for Presentation


Dr. John W. Ray of Montana Tech’s Department of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences has had a peer reviewed paper accepted for presentation this summer at the Twenty-Sixth International Conference on Learning sponsored by Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland. The title of the paper is: “A Critical Analysis of the Learning Theories of Plato and Aristotle.”

The perspective of the paper is a Kantian critique of the theories of knowledge and learning of Plato and Aristotle. Dr. Ray has also had peer reviewed papers on Hegel’s political theory accepted for presentation this summer for a humanities conference sponsored by the University of Granada, Spain and on Theremin’s rhetorical theory for the International Society for the History of Rhetoric Conference to be held in New Orleans. Finally, Dr. Ray will be presenting this summer a peer reviewed paper on political civility, religion and political discourse for the Tenth International Conference on Religion and Spirituality at Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland.

Dr. Ray teaches classes at Montana Tech in philosophy and political theory as well as political science.