Schlumberger Donates Software to Montana Tech


Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield services company, has donated two software packages, OMNI-3D and VISTA, to Montana Tech for use in education and research. The software will be used by undergraduate and graduate students in the Geophysical Engineering Department at Montana Tech.

The three-year software license is valued at $2,258,588. OMNI-3D is used by the petroleum industry to design field seismic surveys. VISTA is used to process seismic reflection data to help look for oil or other resources. Marvin Speece, head of the Geophysical Engineering Department, said, “We are excited to have access to OMNI-3D and VISTA at Montana Tech. These are state-of-the-art programs that can do complicated processing and analysis functions. We are grateful to be able to incorporate them into our teaching and research.” These software packages will be used in the Seismic Prospecting, Seismic Data Processing and Field Geology and Geophysics courses at Montana Tech.