Free COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

Wednesday, December 1st

Open to all

11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Kelley/Steward Room in the SUB, North Campus

1st, 2nd, or booster will be available. Please bring your vaccination card to receive the 2nd or 3rd dose.

Pre Professional, Pre-Law

Pre Professional Pre-Law

Admission to a school of law does not require any formal course of study or any specific degree, although a Bachelor’s degree is required for entrance to all accredited law schools. Since most law schools have specific entrance requirements, students planning to pursue a law degree should consult with the pre-law advisor. Information about preparation for law school is available in an annual publication, “Pre-Law Handbook,” prepared by the Association of American Law Schools and the Law School Admission Test Council, Educational Testing Service, Box 994, Princeton, New Jersey 08540. Information about the Law School Admission Test, which is required by almost all law schools, can also be obtained from this address.

The Association of American Law Schools sets forth the following objectives for pre-law education:

  1. Education for comprehension and expression in words.
  2. Education for critical understanding of human institutions and values.
  3. Education for creative power in thinking.

With careful selection of electives, any degree program at Montana Tech can meet the above objectives and serve as preparation for law school.


John Garic

Visiting Instructor, Level III
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