Roger Jensen, Ph.D - Safety, Health and Industrial Hygiene
Roger Jensen

Roger Jensen, Safety, Health & Industrial Hygiene Faculty


Science & Engineering (S&E) 319
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Roger Jensen joined the Montana Tech faculty in 1999. He teaches courses in occupational risk reduction, safety laboratory, law and ethics for OSH, and fire protection. Prior to his current position, he had 30 years of experience in occupational safety and health. From 1992 to 1999, Dr. Jensen consulted in occupational ergonomics and safety as an employee of a technical services company named UES, Inc. In 1991, he was a visiting lecturer at the University of New South Wales in Australia. Earlier in his career (1969–1991) he was a commissioned officer in the U. S. Public Health service assigned to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health where he conducted applied research in occupational heat stress, injury epidemiology, and safety research. Dr. Jensen used what he learned in these positions to write a book entitled Risk-reduction Methods for Occupational Safety and Health, published by Wiley Press in 2012 (second edition in 2019). It provides an overview of the many risk-reduction methods used by professionals in occupational safety, ergonomics, and industrial hygiene.

Professor Jensen earned the following degrees:
Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, 1989, West Virginia University
M.S.E., Industrial Engineering, 1977, University of Michigan
J.D., Law, 1974, Northern Kentucky State University
B.S., Industrial Engineering, 1969, University of Utah

Research Interests

Since joining Montana Tech, Dr. Jensen’s research focuses on student research projects suitable for senior projects and masters’ theses. Students have performed and published studies on attributes of warning signs, attributes of risk-reduction matrices, and measurement systems for assessing stairway uniformity. In addition to student-focused research, Dr. Jensen has worked to elevate occupational safety from a rule-based occupation to a more science-based profession. He advocates for this upgraded perspective through published papers, conference presentations, and a published book — Risk-reduction Methods for Occupational Safety and Health. Without relying on standards and regulations, the book provides an overview of the many strategies and tactics used to reduce the risks of workplace hazards.

Career in Brief

Faculty, 1999 – present:
Montana Technological University, Butte, Montana
Safety, Health, and Industrial Hygiene Department

Professor 7/06 – Present; Associate Professor 7/02 – 6/06; Assistant Professor 8/99 – 6/02.

Senior Ergonomist, UES, Inc., 6/92 – 7/99

Visiting Lecturer, University of New South Wales, 3/91 – 11/91

U. S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, 6/69 – 02/91

Selected publications

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