Housing and Residence Life

Apartment: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to live in the apartments?

Any registered student who doesn't fall under the first-year live-in requirement (fewer than 30 credits and less than 21 years of age) is eligible to lease an apartment. Under rare circumstances and based on availability, apartments are leased to other campus related persons (faculty, staff, etc.)

Are pets allowed?

No pets are allowed in apartment housing with the exception of ADA eligible animals with appropriate documentation and fish in a maximum tank size of thirty (30) gallons. Mammals or reptiles kept in fish tanks or cages are not allowed.

Are washers and dryers allowed?

Dishwashing machines, washers, and dryers are not allowed in any apartments due to possible liability issues. A laundry room with coin-operated machines is available for all laundry needs.

Is a parking decal required?

Students parking at the apartments do not need decals, but may wish to purchase one for when they commute to campus.

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