Your advisor will register you for classes in one of three ways:

  1. The advisor will log into MyMtech and register you through their account with your Montana Tech credentials, or
  2. You will obtain a signed registration form from your advisor and take it to the Enrollment Services office in the SSC building, or
  3. Your schedule will be confirmed and the advisor will provide you with an ALTPIN. This will be used by you on My MTech to register yourself for classes.

The following steps will walk you through self-registration:

  • Once you’re logged on to MyMtech, select Registration
  • Select Register for Classes
  • Select Term for which you wish to register
  • Enter your ALTPIN # (Alternate PIN – unique for each semester/term), which you receive from your advisor at the conclusion of your advising session, or if a non-degree student, from Enrollment Services. ALTPINS are case-sensitive!
  • Scroll through SUBJECT box. Select the desired Subject (e.g. MATH). Enter the Course number (e.g. 171), if known, to limit your search. Click the Class Search button. A list of classes matching your search criteria is displayed. Note: If a class is closed, that will be indicated in the status. If you don’t meet pre-requisites to take a class, you will receive a registration error message. Pre-requisites can be over-ridden by the instructor of the class, or by the Dept. Head overseeing that subject.
  • To add a “found” class, click on "add"
  • Press the submit button at the bottom of the page, under "summary"
  • To drop a class, select **Remove** option in the Summary field on schedule
  • Continue Class Search to select additional desired classes
  • Be sure to hit "submit" at the bottom of the page every time you add or drop a class
  • You can see your schedule on the bottom left pane under "schedule"