Dual Enrollment offers opportunities for high school students to earn high school and college credit simultaneously. High school students also have the ability to enroll in online/in-person courses for college credit-only. 

What is Dual Enrollment? 

Dual enrollment courses are college courses (100 or 200 level) taken by high school students. Students who are 15 years of age or older are eligible to take college courses. Students are required to meet the same prerequisites/test scores for certain courses. Students who do not meet the age/grade requirement can request acceptance by filling out a Highlands College Waiver form. 

A dual credit course awards both high school and college credits. The decision to award high school credit for a college course is determined by the school district. A college credit only course awards credit but not high school credit.  

Benefits of Dual Enrollment


Your life is busy so we’ve tried to provide the flexibility of where classes are offered. Classes are either taught:

  • at your high school
  • on campus at Montana Tech or Highlands College in Butte, Montana
  • online with Montana Tech or Highlands College


The One-Two-Free dual enrollment program offers up to six credits, through the Montana University System (MUS) to all eligible high school students.

  • The program offers eligible high school students their first six credits free throughout their entire four years of high school.
  • After using six free credits, students pay 50% of Highlands College tuition
  • Students that demonstrate need can apply for a Hardship Scholarship to cover tuition beyond their first free six credits. Download the scholarship application.
  • One-two-free applies to any lower division dual enrollment course from a participating institution, whether it is online, on-campus, or in the high school.


We offer many courses in areas outside the standard mathematics, English, sciences and humanities, including CTE (career and technical education) courses. Explore your interests and passions through dual enrollment courses. 


The transition from high school to college is exciting. It can be a stressful time for students and parents. By enrolling in a dual enrollment course, students get a taste of college which can help with easing into college. 

Becoming a Dual Enrollment Student

To be eligible for a dual enrollment course, the student must be:

  • Enrolled in a Montana high school district. To participate in dual enrollment opportunities, home-schooled students may enroll in dual enrollment classes via the district in which they reside.
  • Between the ages of 16–19.
  • On track for high school graduation by successfully completing the required high school classes at their grade level.

First-time Students

If this is your first time enrolling in dual enrollment courses with us, you must complete and submit the following forms and information.

Returning Students

Students who have taken dual enrollment courses in past terms need to complete and submit the following each semester they enroll:

Return Application Materials

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Dual Enrollment Program
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Email: dualenrollment@mtech.edu

Fax: 406-496-4696

FAQ's about dual credit

Learn the answers to frequently asked questions.

Important Information

Find out about costs, registration, and dropping a class.

Operational Guidelines

The Montana University System has guidelines for dual enrollment.

CCN Course Guide

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MUS Transfer

Find out how your courses will transfer in the MUS system.

Transfer Credit

You can do an unofficial self-evaluation of transfer coursework online using Transferology (https://www.transferology.com/school/mtech) - a free tool to give you personalized information on how your courses can transfer to Montana Tech or other institutions.

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