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Here at Montana Tech, we know students are at the heart of all we do. To provide a fair and equitable experience for students, the mission of Disability Services is to remove barriers and increase accessibility on campus by providing reasonable accommodations to qualified students.

Our office also processes vaccine exemption requests for healthcare programs, assists faculty in accommodating temporary injuries, and co-operates the campus Testing Center.

Accommodations boost academic performance

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Accessibility is a shared responsibility!

Cal Poly Disability Resource Center

Request Services

Students must contact Disability Services to disclose their disability and need for accommodations, as well as every subsequent semester to receive a new Accommodation Letter.

Students may also need to fill out one or more of the forms below:

Assistive Technology

Bookshare allows students to customize their eBooks with audio, highlight text, large font, braille, and more. Request access by contacting the Coordinator.


Montana Tech offers students, staff, and faculty free access to Read&Write, a text-to-speech program that will read websites, Microsoft documents, PDFs, and more aloud to students.

SmartPens & C-Pens

A limited number of pens are available upon request to help with notetaking or exams.


For students who do not prefer Read&Write, NaturalReader is another text-to-speech program that is free to download.


The Montana State Library offers eBooks, audiobooks, and more through Kindle and other apps for free with a Montana library card.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has a library of 70,000 eBooks that anyone can access for free without the use of an app.

Student F.A.Q.

Complications from pregnancy may fall under Disability Services if it negatively affects a major life activity. Examples of such complications include pregnant women who were prescribed bed rest by physicians, or women who developed diabetes, mobility issues, high blood pressure, or depression while pregnant. Outside of complications, the rights of pregnant and parenting students (mothers, fathers, and same-sex partners) fall under Title IX.

Students are encouraged to see our selection of general scholarships from Montana Tech's Financial Aid office. We may also be able to nominate a student with a 3.0 or above GPA who plans to start at Tech in a fall semester for the Teresa Haven Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Other financial opportunities for students may include: American Indian tuition waiverAward MontanaHelena CollegeMontana State UniversityReach Higher MontanaSenior Citizen tuition waiver, and the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE).


Students may bring service animals, so long as they are trained or in-training. Students are welcome to submit documentation or registration cards, but they are not required. Federal law dictates that service animals may be present anywhere on campus and in the residence halls, so long as the area is safe for them and they do not cause distruptions, damage, or injuries.

Students who are injured while enrolled at Montana Tech, whether it be on or off campus, may be eligible for temporary accommodations. Such conditions include broken bones, concussions, or recovery from a major surgery. Students with temporary injuries are encouraged to contact their faculty first and inform them of the situation so that they may create a plan to make up missed work and attendance. Disability Services is happy to help support both students and faculty in this process as needed. For more information, see our policy on Temporary Injuries.

For those in Butte, we recommend contacting Mountain West Psychological Services, Western Montana Mental Health Center, We Care Behavioral Health, Aware, Inc., or Psychiatric Consultants, Inc. as a starting point. If you don't have insurance to cover medical appointments, we provides student health insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Other organizations that may be helpful to you include Ability Montana, Disability Rights Montana, Montana Disability and Health Program, Rocky Mountain ADA CenterSouthwest Montana Aging and Disability Services, and Vocational Rehabilitation.

Yes! Commencement is held in the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER) building every May and December. Bleachers make up most of the seating arrangement, but we have folding chairs with backs set up along the side for guests who require more support. The bottom rows of bleachers are reserved for ADA seating as well. Guests may also find ADA parking spots in front of the building right next door to the HPER, the Student Success Center (SSC), in addition to the handicap spots in the Library parking lot across the street. All spots are first come, first serve.

Student Rights

  • You have the right to equal access and participation in all campus programs, activities, housing, academics, dining, employment, and events.
  • You have the right to request an accommodation that does not place an undue burden or fundamentally alter a course or program for consideration by Disability Services by engaging in an interactive process.
  • You have the right to report a campus accessibility barrier for the instutition to address.
  • You have a right to file a grievance if you believe you have been discriminated against on the basis of your disability.
  • You have a right to bring a trained service animal on campus.
  • You have the right to privacy. All services are confidential unless you have given your written consent.

Student Responsibilities

  • You are responsible for contacting Disability Services to request accommodations or notify us if an accommodation has not been implemented.
  • You are responsible for submitting documentation from a qualifed professional to recieve accommodations.
  • You are responsible for informing instructors of any conflicts related to your disability before or when they occur (i.e. arriving late, missing class, an assignment, and/or an exam) and for making up all missed work.
  • You are prohibited from sharing classroom materials gained as a result of a note-taking accommodation (e.g. recording lectures, receiving instructor notes, etc.). 
  • You must follow all relevant policies if you are bringing an assistance animal into campus housing. For students with service animals, such animals must be trained.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a person with a disability as someone who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. This includes anyone who has a record of such an impairment, even if she or he does not currently have a disability, and people who do not have a disability but are regarded as having one.

Campus Resources

Montana Tech is committed to decreasing physical and electronic barriers to accessibility on campus.

Career Services

The director of Montana Tech's Career Services, Aaron Frale, has experience helping students with disabilities find employment.


Montana Tech offers free counseling services to all students.

Testing Center

Montana Tech's Testing Center proctors exams for students with testing accommodations, makeup exams, placement exams, and more.


Students with disabilities may be qualified for additional support and resources offered by TRIO Student Support Services (SSS).


Montana Tech offers free tutoring and writing help to all students, both in-person and virtually.

Study Abroad

Would you like to become more independent? Learn to adapt to new situations? Want to explore new ways of living and thinking? Studying abroad can help with that! We work with program coordinators to ensure students are adequately accommodated while abroad. 

Upcoming Program(s):
International Business and Engineering
Minghsin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
December 10 - 23, 2023

A World Awaits You

A World Awaits You (AWAY) is a publication of stories from people with disabilities who participated in international exchange programs around the world.

Preparing To Go

Mobility International USA (MIUSA) offers advice and resources for students with disabilities planning to study abroad.

Ripple Effects

Ripple Effects is a podcast from the National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange (NCDE) that showcases the stories of travelers with disabilities abroad.

Faculty & Staff Corner

While our main focus is students, we're here to support faculty and staff, too!

Faculty and staff play crucial roles in student education. It is essential that faculty take steps to make their courses accessible to all types of learners, and that staff are prepared to support every kind of student. Faculty also have the right to contest an accommodation if they believe it fundamentally alters their course, and our Testing Center was designed with faculty testing needs in mind.

We also need your help to better monitor accessibility on campus. If you encounter a potential physical barrier such as an unlawfully occupied handicap parking spot, a cluttered ramp, a broken elevator, or an inactive automatic door button, please report it, and share the form with your students.

Request Services

Though Disability Services only provides accommodations for students and visitors to campus, our faculty and staff members are just as entitled to accommodations as our students and visitors, those seeking workplace accommodations should submit the following forms to Human Resources:

Faculty & Staff F.A.Q.

Yes, so long as you do not accommodate too much. If a student in your class has a disability or otherwise serious situation gonig on, feel free to grant time extensions or any other accommodations needed on your own, with or without an Accommodation Letter from us!


By law, fully trained service animals as well as service animals-in-training are allowed anywhere on campus, including academic buildings, labs, workstations, grounds, and residence halls. You may not ask for documentation from the student to verify her or his need for a service animal. You may, however, ask if the dog is a service animal required because of a disability, and what work or task has the dog been trained to perform.

It is illegal for anyone to pretend an untrained animal is a service animal. Service animals (dogs or miniature horses) must be trained. If a service animal is disruptive or destructive, you may ask the student to remove the animal until it learns to behave. Students are expected to make good judgement calls on whether or not a lab or workstation is dangerous to their service animal.

Of course. Faculty are encouraged to add the following statement to their syllabi:

Montana Tech provides reasonable accommodations to students with diagnosed disabilities. Contact Disability Services at 406-496-4428 or sgoodell@mtech.edu to discuss accommodations and obtain an Accommodation Letter. Once you receive your letter, please meet with me to discuss your access needs.

Glad you asked! Here are some easy steps faculty can take to improve their courses and make them accessible to all students.

Other simple steps include:

  • Releasing your syllabi at least a week early on Moodle.
  • Consider setting dates for assignments and exams, posting clear office hours, and helpful campus resources like tutoring and career services.

Absolutely! But please keep in mind that students must have a diagnosed disability to be eligible for accommodations from Disability Services. If student in your class is struggling, consider referring them to tutoring, TRIO (for students who are disabled, low income, and/or first generation), or the Executive Director of Student Success (for serious cases).

Send them to the Testing Center! Complete the Test Request Form at least 3 days in advance of the exam, send the test, and the Testing Center will do the rest!

Faculty and Staff Rights

  • You have the right to maintain the fundamental nature of your course
  • You have the right to request verification of a student’s eligibility for academic accommodations
  • You have the right to require students demonstrate their knowledge of crucial course content
  • You have the right to negotiate an accommodation with Disability Services if the accommodations seems unreasonable

Faculty and Staff Responsibilities

  • You are responsible for sharing information on how students can get accommodations. An accommodation statement should be included on every syllabus. I will be posting a sample accommodation statement on our webpage.
  • You are responsible for working with students with disabilities to make reasonable accommodations in a timely manner
  • You are responsible for maintaining confidentiality

They shouldn't. Accommodations are available to students with disabilities to "level the playing field" - NOT to give an unfair advantage or fundamentally alter essential parts of a course or program. If a faculty member believes an accommodation will fundamentally alter her or his course, please collaborate with your department head to submit the Accommodation Dispute Form linked on every students' Accommodation Letter.

Short answer: Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that Montana Tech, as a public entity, make our programs and activities accessible to all students and visitors to campus. 

Long answer: In 1948, a serviceman tried to return to college after World War II ended, only to be denied re-entry because the administration believed a paraplegic was incapable of completing schoolwork. However, faculty advocated on his behalf, and he went on to earn a PhD.

It was the help provided by institutions across the U.S. for veterans seeking an education under the G.I. Bill that set the precedence for what we now know as disability accommodations. If students could face the horrors of war and survive, why can't they also survive academia (with some reasonable adjustments)?


Shauna Goodell
Disability Services and Accessibility Coordinator

Location: Student Success Center (SSC) 3.137
Phone: 406-496-4428
Fax: 406-496-4757